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Lesbian Students
For the academic lesbian....
this is mich. <3. 
23rd-Aug-2007 08:18 pm
Name: mich.
Age: 19
Sexuality: lesbian.
Relationship Status: single. have been for about a month now. lol.
Interests: music, psychology, friends, writing, photography.
Hobbies: listening to music haha, being with friends, writing, taking photos, having fun, laughing, thinking.
What you are studing: bachelor of social science, majoring in Psychology.  =D
Where you are studying: Swinburne Uni, In Lilydale :] [Melbourne.] haha.
Anything else interesting about yourself: Mmm Oo. ill just say random facts here. haha. I love reading horoscopes. I'm an honest person.but I hide alot of things about myself. so maybe that makes me dishonest =/ i dont know lol. Being with my friends is the best feeling in all the world. besides love. my friends are everything. I'm always up for meeting new people. Music is my life. Psychology relaxes me. I love driving and am about to go for my licence, soon. haha. I love england, but am yet to go there haha. I cant wait to travel the world. Drinking milk makes me sick but i do it anyway because i love hot chocolates without soy milk lol. <3. I love my music, but i'm open minded to other sorts, except maybe techno lol. i love words. i love people. i love working people out. im just mich.. haha. :]
26th-Aug-2007 05:49 am (UTC)
hey welcome to this lovely little LJ of ours here. I have to say randomness is awesome and prepare to post any random thought here this comm needs to get a bit moer active lol psychology is awesome too btw do you like chocoolate soy milk mmm yummy :p
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